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Brion Wise

Land, Farming & Wisdom

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Brion Wise grew up on an apple farm in the Pacific Northwest. His dad loved making wine and recruited Brion to make hard cider out of the apples left in the field at the end of harvest, and to help him make a few of his own barrels each year. Northwest winters were cold, so there was a lot of card playing, and a lot of wine and whiskey drinking to keep the winter blues away. It was during these long, cold days that he learned the importance of life’s simple pleasures like friends and a good drink. Years later Brion became a wildly successful chemical engineer for the petroleum industry, which afforded him the chance to travel the world over.

At the end of a long career, Brion purchased an extraordinary piece of land in California wine country above Sonoma’s Valley of the Moon. He and his wife Ronda set to work building their dream from the ground up. Drawing on three generations of farming, and with the help of awesome partners like John Caldwell, he planned the vineyard, built the winery and a beautiful home, and launched B Wise Vineyard. Today Brion and Ronda own and manage other incredible vineyards in their wine portfolio including Sleeping Lady and a new project atop Pritchard Hill in Napa.

What's In a Name?

Constable is a discovery of roots, and the finest spirits in the world, curated through time and place.

My family’s history is woven through the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee. But it’s not a famous bootlegger where this whiskey story begins. Rather, it starts with the venerable J.R. Wise, one of the original Constables of Anderson County Tennessee, and the man responsible for a 13-year career defined by closing down illegal moonshine operations after Prohibition was repealed. We named our whiskey in honor of our cousin’s noble work (while standing strong against the legacy of Prohibition), by making the best damn whiskey in the world.


“Not content to stop at wine alone, John and I are finding a whole new passion project through Wise Caldwell Distillers - which all our friends seem to enjoy almost as much as we do.”

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